Michel HABIB
Professor emeritus member of the IRIF
Mail address : IRIF Case 7014, Paris University, Bat. Sophie Germain, 75205 Paris cedex 13.
Office :Bureau 3042a, Batiment Sophie Germain, 8 place FM/13, 3eme etage, 75013 Paris
Phone : +33 (0) 1 57 27 92 47, Fax : +33 (0) 1 57 27 94 09
  • E-mail: habib@irif.fr

  • I am professor emeritus in Computer Science at Paris University UFR d'Informatique

    I am a member of the research group: Algorithms and discrete structures
    Our regular seminar is on Tuesday afternoon 2 PM : Batiment Sophie Germain room 1007.


    My research is mainly focused on classic algorithms on discrete structures with special interest for graphs and orders, including:

    Main Research Projects supported by the ANR French Research Agency or the CNRS

  • Projet on Graph Decompositions and Algorithms GRAAL (Finished)
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis for Implicitly and Incompletely Defined Interaction Networks ALADDIN (Finished)
  • Graphes dynamiques Dynadraw supported by CNRS (Finished)
  • ANR Project Content : Politics of algorithms (Social Networks) ALGOPOL (Finished).
  • Projet pluridisciplinaire CNRS 2013. PEPS BMI Biologie, mathematiques, informatique: Detection de domaines fonctionnels dans les proteines par des methodes de graphes d'intervalles (Finished)
  • Projet EVOLEZARD DEFI Enviromics CNRS 2014, 2015 et 2016
  • Projet MACD PEPS FASCIDO 2015, CNRS (Finished).
  • Projet Mixed Approach for Community Detection USPC 2015-2018 (finished).
  • ANR Project Distancia on metrics properties in graphs (ANR-17-CE40-0015 finished).
  • ANR Project Hosigra on signed graphs (ANR-17-CE40-finished).
  • ANR Project Coregraphie on graph compression (ANR-20-CE23-0002, 2021-2024).
  • ANR Project Tempogral on temporal graphs Tempogral (ANR-22-CE48-0001, 2022-2026).

  • Publications

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    A complete proof of A* algorithm in French: Old text

    The sequence of ancestors via The Math Genealogy Project

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