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Project Proposals

I'm searching students motivated by formal methods, verification, logic and programming to work on the following projects:

For all these subjects, graduate (Master 2) and undergraduate (Licence 3, Master 1) internship may be founded.

Current students

Past Students

PhD students: Post-doctorant: Master 2 Students: Undergraduate students:
  1. 2018: Pierre Nigron (Master 1): Integration of the multi-set theory in VeriFast (co-directed with Raphael Cauderlier)
  2. 2018: Mamadou Balde (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Model-based icode generation for dynamic memory allocators
  3. 2015: Etienne Toussaint (Licence 3): Decision procedure for a multi-set constraints (co-directed with Arnaud Sangnier)
  4. 2015: Samantha Dinh (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Coding Ada2012 Collections in C
  5. 2015: Jean-Christophe Fabrici (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Symbolic execution for tree data structures
  6. 2014: Alexandre Nal (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Improved generation of tree automata from inductive definitions
  7. 2014: Lionel Reis (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Abstract domain for words of integers
  8. 2013: Sebastien Caunois (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Efficient representation of functional graphs
  9. 2012: Ghita Layachi (EIDD 2nd year engineering): Improving abstract domains for lists
  10. 2011: Maria Abramiuc (Licence 3, University of Iasi, Romania) Weakest precondition calculus in separation logic (co-directed with Constantin Enea)
  11. 2011: Vlad Saveluc (Master 1, Univesity of Iasi, Romania) Shape analysis for C programs manipulating doubly-linked list (co-directed with Constantin Enea)
  12. 2008: Ouri Maler (Master 1): Synthesis of timed controllers using timed game automata (co-directed with Eugene Asarin)
  13. 2008: Alexis Rimbaud (Master 1): Time Games and Planning (co-directed with Eugene Asarin)
  14. 2007: Gael Pantin (Master 1): Analysis of Synchronous Process Rewriting Systems (co-directed with Tayssir Touili)
  15. 2006: Vimal Kumar Gupta (B.Sc. Internship, India) Verification of Coloured Markup Rewriting Systems
  16. 2006: Vishal Kumar Lahoti (Internship B.Sc., India) Parameterized DBM and PPL
  17. 2003: Walid Missaoui (Licence 3 University of Tunis, Tunisia) Parameterized DBM and Automatic Solvers
  18. 2003: Lisa Allali (Master 1): Analysis of Process Rewrite Systems with Tree Automata (co-directed with Tayssir Touili)
  19. 2002: Stephanie Delaune (Master 1): Numerical symbolic representations using automata
  20. 2001: Gloria Anaite Paiz (Master 1): A library for BDD and DDD
  21. 2001: Guillaume Journaux, Gwenole Tallec (Master 1): Partial exploration of automata with GraphViz (co-directed with Paul Gastin)
Examples of old projects.

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