Mihaela Sighireanu's Research Activities

Software Verification     Timed Systems     Model Checking     Fault Tolerance     Specification Languages    

My research domain is about the application of formal methods to the development of complex systems, whatever their nature (hardware, software, or telecom). More precisely, my interests are in:

Other pages describing my research activities:


Software Verification


Model Checking: Finite and Infinite Systems


Timed Systems


Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Embedded Systems

This work has been done during my Post-doctoral period in the TOLERE project.


Specification Languages for Parallel Systems: Semantics and Compilation

During my thesis, I developed a new language, called LOTOS NT, for the description of communication protocols. This language is an improvement of the LOTOS language, a process algebra based language. I also developed a compiler for LOTOS NT, called TRAIAN, which aims to translate LOTOS NT to an automata model in order to model check the description.

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